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About Rainaway Bride

As a designer for Karen Dornellie bridalwear, I realised there was a need for a water proof cloak specifically for brides.


I wanted to create a garment that not only protected a bride from falling rain but also solved the problem of how a bride keeps her many skirts and petticoats clean, dry and up from puddles and mud, soggy grass and damp pavements.


Many brides get married in rural areas but even towns can get dirty and wet underfoot with our unpredictable weather.


I have sold many Rainaway Brides and saved the day for lots of brides including some in the USA and Australia, so it is a gobal issue for many brides. 


I hope you see the benefit of buying a Rainaway Bride and making sure you have a back up plan for your big day.


Please ensure you check out my 50% cash back offer for a back up plan to the back up plan!!!!!!


Keep Dry and Get Married!!!

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