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Buy your Rainaway Bride today

You have booked the venue, ordered flowers, invited all your friends and family and spent a lot of time and money to find the perfect wedding dress.

The one thing which cannot be ordered or pre-arranged is the weather.........typically unpredictable whatever the time of year.

Rain or worse can spoil your day and the dress!!!


Buy your Rainaway Bride today and gain an extra bit of peace of mind and ensure you arrive pristine to your ceremony whatever the day brings.

Price £199.00

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Previous listings may show an aternative introductory price. The price advertised here is the new correct price.

50% Cash Back Offer

If you would like an extra bit of peace of mind.............I offer 50% cash back on any unopened, unused Rainaway Brides.
Just return within 7 days of your wedding date in the original packaging unopened and unused and I will refund half your original cost.
Please mention this '50% cash back' offer and tell me your wedding date, when ordering to ensure you qualify for the special offer and make sure you really benefit from this amazing back up plan.

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