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Not only can I save your wedding dress from rain, puddles and mud, I can also save it from a messy celebration meal too. A quirky bridal bib will save the day

Bridal bib, an essential for all clumsy brides

Available in 4 designs you can look good whilst enjoying that gravy roast dinner, red wine or any messy food on your big day.

If you are anything like me and are forever dropping food down your cleavage, this could be a life/dress saver.

Just the thought of wearing a light coloured dress would make me spill all manner of things down me.

This wipe clean PVC bib comes in four designs

Plain white

Ivory lace embossed

Silver print

White with gold 'MRS' lettering ( this can be personalised too)

Shaped in a heart and edged in satin and a cute bow for a final flourish, this is a perfect fun gift for any bride.

For the clumsy bride in your life, buy one today

Karen xx

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